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Our agency works with several top-rated insurance carriers and programs to provide competitive insurance products to apartment and condo building owners in AZ, CA, CO, ID, OR, WA, and TX.

With our experience of working with a variety of building owners and insurance companies, we will provide the expertise and guidance to you to make sure that you will be covered when the worst might happen. We strongly believe in reviewing all potential exposures so you can decide what coverages are important to you.

The Top 3 Coverage Gaps We Find Amongst Apartment & Condo Building Policies Are:

  1. Only basic $1M/$2M liability coverage. If multiple tenants or guests get severely injured, these limits get exhausted very quickly. An umbrella policy is a must-have for apartment and condo buildings of any size.
  2. No Employer Practice Liability coverage or the limits are too low.
  3. Ordinance or law limits are too low especially for older buildings.
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