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We are a family owned business and take care of our customers like family ...
We are a family owned business and take care of our customers like family. We're here for you – whether to provide a quote, assist with a claim, or give basic guidance.
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We work with a wide range of quality, reliable insurance companies ...
We work with a wide range of quality, reliable insurance companies and can offer options for businesses of any size or type or personal insurance needs.
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Our team has been working in the industry for many years ...
Our team has been working in the industry for many years. We offer professional advice to help you make the correct decisions for yourself, your family, or your business.
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We love to give back to the less fortunate through our non-profit ...
We love to give back to the less fortunate through our non-profit partnerships. Each quote request that our agency receives benefits a local charity.
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D.O.K Insurance Agency Local, Independent, Trusted.

“I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Insurance helps you do exactly what this quote suggests; being prepared. Business and individuals face risks of many types: You or a loved one might become ill, get into a car accident, lose a home in a fire or face retirement without enough savings. Your business might face an unwarranted lawsuit by a client or employee, or must be shut down because of a wildfire.

Most insurable risks bring a world of hurt, both financially and emotionally. Here at the D.O.K. Insurance Agency, we aim to prepare you for the worst and help you through the tough times in life. While the emotional pain may not subside quickly, coming up with the right insurance program will ensure that you will be taken care of financially as quickly as possible.

As an independent brokerage, we are representing our clients, not the insurance companies that we work with. We use dozens of reputable insurance carriers to help our clients with all their insurance needs and we understand that each individual and business is unique. Getting an insurance quote or requesting a review of your portfolio is always free so give us a call today.

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Honesty, Integrity & Excellent Service

We understand the stigma and distrust that some people have with the insurance industry. While not all insurance agents, companies and their employees aren’t trustworthy, we believe that most of them are. We are proud of our team and the companies that we work with.

We have seen millions paid out in claims and not only understand what insurance companies cover, but also how you can protect yourself, your family or your business from future claims.

The great thing about an independent insurance brokerage like the DOK Insurance Agency is that we can offer insurance policies from literally hundreds of insurance companies and still be your advocate to each one of them.

We believe an honest and trust-worthy insurance brokerage that strives to provide excellent customer service can be an important member of your community.

Our Mission

At the D.O.K. Insurance Agency we strive to give individuals, families and business owners the peace of mind they deserve. We are committed to exceed the expectations of all governing agencies, of our valued clients, and of the community we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you represent all insurance companies?

    We work with dozens out of hundreds of insurance companies that offer all types of insurance companies. While we choose not work with some insurance companies due our own experience of their reputation, a lot of companies do not work with independent agencies. Others only work with specific agencies. We are confident that with our selection of carriers we do not only have some of the best value (price and coverage) but also great choices for our clients.

  • Don’t I have to pay extra for using a broker?

    There is a misconception that all brokers charge fees on top of the commission they receive from the insurance companies. Even though independent agents (brokers) usually put more work into finding a potential client a great deal, we don’t charge any extra fees for our service. Brokers fees are charged in a few on a case-by-case basis primarily for complex commercial accounts or other special circumstances. In either case, the broker must disclose those fees.

  • Do I have to wait until my renewal to switch my policies?

    The answer in most cases is “No”. In rare cases, especially in some specialty commercial insurance policies, does an insurance company sell a policy whose premium is “fully earned.” But this is rare. In most cases, a client can cancel an insurance policy without any penalty.

What Our Clients Say

Highly Recommended for Business and Personal Insurance Needs

I have been with his agency for a few years now. My experience has been nothing but excellent.

I have not only saved tons of money, but only received great service as Dominik is prompt, professional and thorough.

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An agency that cares

Dom is fantastic. Valuable knowledge. If you’re looking for someone in the insurance world who actually cares, you found it.

Cody Perino

Family business done right!

Excellent personal service.

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Tom O'Keefe
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