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What’s new in Virtual Reality?

What’s new in Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) in the past few years has been a mind-blowing development. The idea of virtual reality actually came out in the late 1960s, and wasn’t patented until the 1970s. Flash forward to today, VR has evolved into a modern technology that only continues to grow. Many companies such as Oculus and Google have

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What is covered by home insurance?

What is covered by homeowner’s insurance? Recently, my mom was talking to a newly engaged individual. After talking for a while, they got into a conversation about insuring the engagement ring, and some other stuff like that. After a little bit of research, my mom found out that her engagement ring was actually insured under her home insurance. A lot

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Life in College

Life in College Right about now is the time where high school seniors are getting ready for life in college. Whether they are staying in state, or traveling abroad, college is a high new level of independence for all young adults. As a high school senior, I’m looking forward for the next step in life, as I experience the freedom

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Teen Driving

Teen Driving When most teens begin driving, they see it as a step toward independence and freedom. However, to an immature driver who doesn’t see it as a privilege, this can cause many problems when it comes to safe driving. Teen drivers may be immature and still lack experience that most all adult drivers have. The risk of motor vehicle

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Latest in Safety Features

Latest in Safety Features As technology advances, there are many innovations that go into vehicle safety. But do they actually reduce the number of vehicle collisions? There are many stunning innovations that have changed the way we drive. And with human error being at least partially attributable to 94 percent of vehicle collisions in 2016, the latest safety features in

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