Many people feel a pull to do good and give back. It’s exceptionally common to meet people who state that they’re passionate about working with nonprofits. However, this goal is far too broad and needs refinement in order to be effective.

“Working with nonprofits” can manifest itself in so many different ways. Take the time to self‐examine what your individual passion is.
What injustice or issue causes personal angst for you? Options include:

  • Children in need
  • Seeing others without food or shelter
  • Lack of access to arts and culture
  • Animal preservation
  • Environmental needs
  • So many other things!

You cannot solve all of the world’s problems. But you can make a meaningful difference in a cause when you have an authentic passion fueling you.

If you would like assistance in determining your personal passion, contact Philanthropy Forward
(philanthropy‐ for an individual assessment.

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