What is covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Recently, my mom was talking to a newly engaged individual. After talking for a while, they got into a conversation about insuring the engagement ring, and some other stuff like that. After a little bit of research, my mom found out that her engagement ring was actually insured under her home insurance. A lot of the time, many people are unaware of the many things homeowner’s insurance can cover.

Homeowner’s Insurance

A standard homeowner’s coverage plan covers things like the physical structure of your home and other personal belongings within your house. When it comes to the physical structure itself, everything is covered from the roof to the walls, to the doors. Homeowner’s insurance covers most every structure on your property including things like your garage, or a shed.

Additional Coverage

There are actually a lot of things outside the physical structure of them home, that can be covered by homeowner’s insurance. There are a lot of things that fall under a different categories, but nonetheless are their own branch of homeowner’s insurance.

Water Backup

Water and sewer backup is a very interesting and relatively unknown topic. A link to a previous article is located at the bottom if you want to learn more about it. Sewer backup is sewage from sanitary sewer lines backing up into houses through drain pipes. It is often very expensive and difficult to fix damages caused by backed up sewer. Water backup is similar in that it involves a pipe bursting due to many different factors, and water leaks into the house itself. Water damage can often cause a lot of damage, and therefore may be difficult to repair. However, sewer and water backup coverage is an optional coverage under most homeowner’s coverage.

Personal Property

There are some personal items that are extremely important to us or to someone else in our family. Personal property such as electronics, family heirlooms, antiques, or engagement rings can be covered under homeowner’s insurance. It is an additional coverage, but can be a lifesaver in the unlikely event of a robbery or a theft.

Business Property

If you are storing business related products or items in your house, consider this type of additional coverage if you have not already. This type of coverage will protect and insure the business items in your house.

Sports Equipment

Some sports are very expensive, and the equipment alone takes a lot of money to pay for it.  This type of coverage exists specifically for sports gear and falls under the category of home owner’s insurance. So, if you are a golf fanatic, or own a couple of kayaks, or shred the mountain (skiing), look into insuring your equipment with home insurance additional coverage.

Green Improvement Reimbursement

As an appreciator of sustainable energy, and green technologies, this type of optional coverage is a very simple but awesome idea. Green improvement coverage helps pay for repairing damage and above all replacing utilities in your home. However, the replacement utilities are more energy efficient . In this way, your home becomes more sustainable and green.

Garden coverage

If you are a big outdoor gardener, or you at least appreciate the botany in your yard, you should look into garden coverage. It is a self-explanatory coverage under home insurance that covers trees, landscape, and any other botanical item in your item. It can also cover your riding lawnmowers if you have one of those. My family for one loves our backyard, and we do a lot of gardening and landscaping. A couple months ago, during a big snowstorm, a couple of our arborvitaes experienced some wear- and tear. Garden coverage replaces or repairs these plants in the event that they were permanently damaged.

A lot of this information is good to know, especially since these are most all additional and optional coverage. My goal was to inform you a little more about homeowner’s insurance.  There are a lot of optional coverage that might be a smart investment in your situation.

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