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“We will donate $10 to hope worldwide for every received referral”

Our 2020 Fall/Winter partnership with HOPE  worldwide has begun!  We are excited to be partnering with another wonderful charity that gives back directly to our community and serves those in need!

Global Vision:

HOPE  worldwide’s vision is to bring hope and change the lives of the world’s most poor, sick and suffering.

Global Mission:

“We help bring hope and change lives in over 60 countries, meeting the needs of families and communities on every inhabited continent.“  With three established divisions: Community Service, Disaster Response and Health and Social Services, HOPE worldwide is better prepared than ever before to bring hope that changes lives. HOPE worldwide’s US chapters have three primary functions: serving the poor, inspiring others, and fundraising. Led and driven by dedicated volunteers from the local International Churches of Christ and affiliated congregations, chapters strive to develop programs and partnerships to meet the unique needs of their local communities. Initiatives have included home fire prevention, disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts, meeting the needs of the victims of natural disasters, hosting blood drives, providing food and other services to the homeless, mentoring youth through Saturday STEM Academies, and has been actively providing on-going support for those negatively impacted by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The US has 110 chapters serving communities in 40 states, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with a pool of over 33,000 volunteers.

To learn more about HOPE worldwide and how you can make direct donations, click here to visit their website.

Local Seattle Chapter:

DOK Insurance Agency

The local chapter aligns themselves with the same mission and objectives as its global parent. In the effort to help fight homelessness in Seattle, the Seattle chapter of HOPE worldwide partners with the YWCA Seattle and Hopelink in Bellevue, supporting their permanent housing programs. To date, this signature program called “HOPE at Home,” has prepared housing units for over 100 women and men in need. They also have partnered with the local police and volunteers to distribute “blessing bags” (comprised of self-care items) to the homeless. They have financially supported local disaster relief efforts, and have conducted many blood, food, clothing, toy, and backpack drives, partnering with local non-profits and school districts. They have also coordinated volunteer efforts for MLK Day and 9/11 Remembrance events.

Another very important part of their chapter is helping youth participate in HOPE worldwide national programs like HOPE YouthCorps, SingleCorps or VolunteerCorps, offering $500 scholarships. Over the last years, the local chapter has granted over 50 scholarships and saw teens, college students, singles and families go all over the US and the world serving orphanages, youth camps, and city cleanup!

Why we chose them

With everything going on in the world right now, with the pandemic and all, we are emphasizing what is most important – to help those in need and make a difference so that we can all be stronger together.

We have volunteered and donated many times to this charity! The local chapter’s programs are especially engaged with helping the homeless crisis affecting this area. Please check out their Facebook page or visit their website to learn more, and possibly get involved and volunteer, helping those in our community.

“Remember, for each referral received, we donate $10 to this cause, and you get a $10 Amazon gift card”

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