Safety & Health Resources for Nonprofits During the Pandemic


While the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone around the world, nonprofits particularly are feeling the pinch as they are making some adjustments to their work environments and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff and volunteers, and at the same time, the demand for their services surges beyond what they are prepared to handle. Not to mention the cancelation of fundraising galas and partner development conferences which further exacerbates the situation and strains their finances, resources, and capacity. All of these are making a long-term impact in the next months, and possibly years to come.


Nonprofits are the backbone of our communities, but nonprofits need a strong backbone too to accomplish their goals in serving our community.

Resources for Nonprofits


The pandemic might have changed the way you work but it hasn’t changed why you work. As fall approaches, we’d like to share some resources to help you embrace the new normal with new technologies, new ways of thinking, and adopt new internal processes to strengthen your organization.

Below are some resources that can help your organization continue to provide support to individuals, families, and communities throughout this pandemic and beyond:


Nonprofit Safety & Health Checklist: Before you begin, use this checklist to make a quick assessment of your organization.


Safety and Health in Nonprofit toolkit: This toolkit puts information customized to nonprofits so you can operationalize safety and health within your organization. Learn more about Safety and Health in Nonprofit toolkit here.


Nonprofits Interactive Learning: Check out the interactive graphic here which contains information from the Safety and Health in Nonprofits Guide in the form of videos, popup definitions, links, and downloadable tools.


Learning Events: Washington Nonprofits partners with the Washington State Office of the Secretary of State to make sure your organization has what you need to succeed. They are providing learning opportunities for all members of your organization. Check out this link for the list of learning events they are hosting this fall.


We, at DOK Insurance Agency, believe that every nonprofit’s mission is important and that they are needed now more than ever. We hope that this year of 2020 will serve as an opportunity for your organization to pave your way to a stronger future.

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