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Business Interruption Claims Affected by Civil Unrest

Business Interruption Claims Affected by Civil Unrest   If you are running a business then it is necessary for you to have an insurance plan to make sure your business is safe and covered from unexpected risks. Business income insurance - also known as 'business interruption insurance provides a security shield to businesses from different types of perils, tragedies, and
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On furlough due to the Coronavirus: Can you apply for unemployment insurance relief?

On furlough due to the Coronavirus: Can you apply for unemployment insurance relief?  Millions of US workers are being furloughed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It is predicted that this emergency measure is likely to continue as some states have extended orders to close non-essential businesses. So, workers are now wondering what does it really mean to be furloughed?  To answer the question, it
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The Impact of the Coronavirus and the Rise of a New Insurance Era?

The Impact of the Coronavirus - Rise of a New Insurance Era?   The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is taking the world by storm and threatens the individuals and businesses around the world. We are all left wondering about how the world will cope and how this will change the future. The scale of the coronavirus crisis reminds many of us of
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Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover My Business Income Due To Covid-19?

**Disclaimer** I am writing this to inform our clients, potential clients, and fellow business owners as to how Business Income, aka Business Interruption, Insurance Works. These times are unprecedented and businesses from small to large are impacted unimaginably. The information below is my personal professional interpretation and explanation unless noted otherwise. Can My Insurance Policy Cover My Lost Business Income
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